10 MODI PER BENESSERE 2019Here we are with the second round of the series ’10 new habits to drastically increase our well-being in 2019 ‘. We start immediately with a nice disclaimer:
When this blog deals with the topic ‘supplements, foods or natural remedies’ it refers exclusively to personal experience – the result of experiments, research and insights – as every food, remedy, supplement can vary its effect from person to person, depending on the characteristics, the state of health and lifestyle. It is therefore advisable to take every new idea as a starting point to research independently and, especially in case of particular physical conditions, to request the opinion of a specialist.
10 MODI PER BENESSERE 2019A golden rule is to introduce every day at least 5 portions between fruit (a little) and vegetables (a lot). Although I consider myself as highly oriented to be healthy, there are days in which this goal is too ambitious and the reasons can be varied: if I run from one appointment to another I do not have the time to prepare and eat a large salad; if the season is cold I do not feel like consuming a lot of raw vegetables; if I am trying to limit the sugar intake and I want to eat little or no fruit, the 5 portions will have to be exclusively vegetables and I will be bored quickly. In those cases I have elaborated expedients that allow me to fill up with ‘green’.
10 MODI PER BENESSERE 2019The first thing I use is green juice. My favorite recipe is fennel, kale, valeriana, celery and cucumber. Sometimes I prepare a smoothie, especially in summer, in which I put a giant portion of salad, water and a piece of frozen banana. It may not seem like that but a tiny piece of frozen banana will make the taste acceptable and the consistency creamy, so you can quickly consume a quantity of green leaves with the minimum effort.
10 MODI PER BENESSERE 2019Another way to increase the intake of ‘green’ is to prepare a huge glass of water with a teaspoon of wheat grass juice powder; this powder is obtained by concentrating the fresh juice of the wheat grass and has a very high content of nutrients and above all of chlorophyll, about 70% per glass, it balances the pH as well as helping the cells to eliminate toxins and moreover, on the contrary of what you might think, it’s gluten-free. Online you can find different types of this powder and the prices differ a lot and unfortunately also the quality. This one is one of my favorite. As with all substances that we introduce into our body, it is essential to verify the origin and buy only from serious and certified companies; the last thing we want is to introduce pesticides and other harmful substances. So resist the temptation to buy at the lowest price you find, rather postpone the purchase at a time when you can afford the expense.
liquid chlorophylleOne last trick I use to increase the ‘green’ in my days is to add a few drops of pure liquid chlorophyll in my water bottle; its properties are endless and if you want to go deep here you will find some interesting ideas, but in general it provides oxygen to the cells and it’s useful for restoring the immune system and as a tonic in case of anemia. This is one of my favorite.
What about you? How do you make your days greener? Do you respect the rule of the 5 portions of vegetables / fruit or, like me, sometimes you find tricks?

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