10 ways to increase your wellbeingThe journey to increase our wellbeing in 2019 keeps going and we are here to share once again new ideas to make the ambitious goal of living every day at the top of our possibilities more realistic.
Talking about ambitious projects, here’s another one: make at least 10k steps a day.
To those with a sedentary job this point will seem ridiculous, because at most you can find time for the gym, but 10-thousand-steps seem too much.

Starting from the assumption that everything you do to increase your wellbeing is always better than nothing and that if you are used to walk 180 steps even 3 thousand would be quite a nice improvement, here are the three strategies that have helped me reach this goal:
fitbit charge 2

1 Tech help. I bought a pedometer to track my movement (you can also use an app on your phone, but personally I don’t want my phone always with me as I prefer to have a walk + digital detox for 30 minutes). You can find all kind of pedometer, from the most sophisticated to the extremely basic ones. Mine is this, very simple and cheap, I have it for a year, does its duty and comes with two straps, a black one and a pink one. If you want a more advanced fitness tracker, which calculates for example your pulse or that allows you to enter different types of activities and goals, this is the one for you.
10 ways to increase your wellbeing2 Take advantage of every opportunity. I use every lunch break to walk after spending the time necessary to have lunch and eliminating instead the time that I previously dedicated to mobile / tablet / Netflix. So a mindful meal and then 30/40 minutes of walk. Not everyone will have the chance to do it, for many reasons, but what I want to convey is that often you believe you do not have the time to do simple things when in fact you just have to cut some superfluous activities. Just make a list of your priorities.
10 ways to increase your wellbeing3 Cheating. The 10k steps/day estimated and promoted also by the Umberto Veronesi association as a preventive measure of stress, diabetes, overweight and hypertension would be intended as continuous, therefore to be done in a single walk but, with the intent not to be discouraged, at the beginning I took as a goal 10k steps a day as a whole and I discovered that they can be reached without changing your habits too much, simply by climbing more stairs, parking further away, using public transport, doing some errands on foot. Later, when you get into the habit of moving more and with your numbers under control thanks to the pedometer, it will become almost a challenge and a game to be able to do more and more. For example, if I have only 30 minutes available, I take my walk around the block quickly or very quickly with the result of putting more steps in less time and also increasing my heartbeat. If at the end of a rainy day I see that the finish line of 10k is still far away, I find the time for a walk on the treadmill. Progress, not perfection.

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