Our journey towards wellness at 360 ° makes a stop today in our mind. Among the ideas to make the ambitious goal to live every day at the top of our possibilities more and more realistic, I can not fail to mention the ability to remain interested. In fact, I’ve always thought that when you stop being curious your mind begins to age in a non-positive way and, until now, I have found many confirmations to this conviction by looking at the people I know.
learn new thingsBeing able to find something that arouses interest is a way to keep the brain in training and to always find new motivations and sparks of joy.
In this sense I consider myself a very lucky person as I can get very interested in many different themes that I then want to study and deepen them, but even if this were not your case I think it is important to keep the mind trained in the most diverse ways so that at the end of the day you can say that you have learned something new.
mindful listenTo give you some practical examples in the last days I read an article and then deepened the theme of the Earth’s magnetic poles movement, deepened my knowledge on cryptocurrencies, read ‘The Biology of Beliefs’, which investigates the concept of how your thoughts can influence even your DNA. Another thing that always gives me surprises and food for thought is to read the biographies of actors, musicians, artists that interest me, from those I have always loved to those I discover every day. Even through a few lines on Wikipedia, it is possible to learn so much about how the minds and personalities of non-ordinary men and women are formed. The examples to stay curious are endless and can be adapted to every personality and need: if you have free time and you love to cook choose an ingredient you like and instead of following the instructions, try to make a recipe invented by you. If you do not have free time you can stimulate your curiosity even listening to 10 minutes of a podcast while you drive to work or take care of a baby. Wanting is power and the feeling of having reached a small milestone and opening your mind to new concepts will be rewarding and will add happiness bonus to your day.
What about you? What’s your way to stay ‘hungry and foolish’?

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