Experts always say this: to ensure the best skin appearance we need to stick to a healthy lifestyle with a varied diet that guarantees all necessary nutrients, sufficient sleep, adequate physical activity and very few concessions to smoke, alcohol or solarium. It’s useful to choose some targeted supplement and carefully select the products we use and especially the ingredients that compose them.
If then we want to go a step further – remaining in the sphere of non-invasive techniques – it is necessary to go deep in the operations of cleaning, toning, lymphatic drainage, and collagen stimulation.
After months (in some cases years) of experimentation, I am ready to share 4 items that I think are the most effective.
1 Clarisonic
Having a limited budget, I would choose Clarisonic Mia 2, because with that you can see results within a short period of time. Sonic oscillation technology, spinning and rotating brushes, a gentle back and forth moment paired with water create a vacuum effect that removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin’s surface and pores. The action of this electronic brush is also suitable for sensitive skin. On the market, there are many similar products also much cheaper, but I think that these particular micro-oscillations make the difference and therefore I resist the temptation of saving and continue to choose Clarisonic.
You may also think that this could be too aggressive and could even strip natural oils facilitating aging. I use it every day in the evening with a gentle cleanser and I’ve never had any problems despite having a hypersensitive skin.
This device is based on microcurrent impulses. It comes with its own gel but I use any gel or water-based product I have on hand (eg aloe gel, rose hydrolase or even thermal water). It is very easy to use it and the results are great ( almost an instant lifting effect ) but overall it is suitable only for those who have constancy and are committed to using it for a long time, because NuFace needs continuity for several months and then maintenance at least once a week. It must be said that it takes 5 minutes a day so if your will is strong, it is a doable sacrifice.
The most famous, the most widespread and yet even the scariest tool of my list is this one. The principle is to stimulate the formation of collagen through the action of microneedles, with a filling effect on wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, photodamage. The exploited principle is simply that of self-healing of our body. After the resistance of causing small wounds on my face and the fright to see me purple, the device works. My experience was a month long, once a day. Unfortunately, I was too frightened to use it for a longer period on my very sensitive skin and for that I didn’t enjoy the use of Dermaroller as much as I wanted, but I have to admit that I didn’t experience extreme redness or pain so if you have normal to thick skin I would 100% recommend it, especially for the great results with a small price.
The way I keep using the Dermaroller with no problems is on my lips. Once again it is necessary to overcome the mistrust of using an aggressive product on a delicate area but this is very effective. After only 5 horizontal strokes, 5 vertical and 5 diagonal, lips are plumped, smooth and revived. And in the end, our lips are already accustomed to aggressive scrubs like the sugar one, or plumping gloss with peppercorns and in comparison, the Dermaroller is like a caress.
The massager or the jade roller falls into the category ‘Instagram made me do it’. In fact, there was a period in which there was no beauty guru who did not pose with one of these objects so I gave it a go too. It requires a little practice, but in the end, the results are very good, especially considering the low price. Mine has a rectangular handle and on the other side a heart shape. The latter is the one I always use on my face because it perfectly follows the contours of the cheekbones, jaw, and eyebrows; 10 strokes on each side, always with an upward motion, and you’re done. It is possible to attenuate the dark circles, make the skin more compact and release any tensions. Of course, you can follow one of the hundreds of tutorials on how to perform longer, more complex, and more professional massages, but I know that if I make it too complicated, the chances are that I give up on the second day. Also, the choice of the material has its importance, for this, I opted for the jade and for its balancing and regenerating properties.
It is possible to keep it in the fridge, for an even more refreshing effect.

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