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As an Italian woman interested in the world of cosmetics, I have always looked with admiration and curiosity at the beauty of many oriental women. Diaphanous skin, relaxed and young until the third age, zero imperfections and a natural brightness that has nothing to do with the pretended glow of the Kardashian strobing. While it is true that some of these results are helped by cosmetic surgery – which is almost on the agenda especially for Korean women – on the other side it is undeniable that some countries of the Far East know how to take care of their beauty and spare neither effort nor money to reach their goal. The 10 steps that Korean women make every night are well known, stratifying their tonics, serums, creams and masks of different textures and different active ingredients.

But one thing that has always prevented me from testing myself products from Japan and Korea is the lack of online availability of creams with natural ingredients or at least without rivers of petrolatum. It seems strange, in fact, for a female population so attentive and dedicated to skin care, but the creams from the East on which I managed to get my hands on had nothing such an immaculate ingredients list, suitable for my sensitive skin.

A few months ago I managed to track down a series of brands that, although not quite natural (I had to turn a blind eye on some silicones), come close to my idea of ​​facial treatment.
This allowed me to develop my own personal version of the Korean beauty steps and to share with you 9 oriental products for a perfect and timeless skin, some of them at a real low price. You can see the purchase options simply by clicking on the product name. whamisa_toner

1Whamisa – organic flowers toner (Korea)
put it on clean face with a soaked cotton, after removing make-up
missha_timerevolution2 Missha – Time revolution intensive moist (Korea)
tap on clean and dry face until completely absorbed
HadaLabo_haluronicacid3 Hadalabo – Goku Jyun moisturizing lotion with hyaluronic acid (Japan)
massage it on the face with circular movements and upwards (if you have not seen it yet
I recommend this video of Lisa Eldridge on anti-aging massage)

4 Hadalabo – Goku Jyun hydrating milk with hyaluronic acid (Japan)
apply it after the lotion – one drop is enough. This is perfect as a makeup base as it makes
the skin slightly slippery and therefore ideal for the foundation
EtudeHouse_Moistfullcollagen5 Etude House – Moistfull collagen sleeping pack (Korea)
apply it in the evening, after tonic and hyaluronic acid, to seal the applied active ingredients
and make them work all night without losing hydration
Whamisa_mask6 Whamisa – organic seed & rice mask with lactobacillus (Korea)
a gelatinous and fresh mask to apply all over your face and leave as much as possible, at
least 20 minutes. It will leave your face plumped and hydrated, mitigating possible irritations
Etudehouse_mask7 Etude House – Moistfull collagen fabric mask (Korea)
apply this mask whenever you want to wake up your face (I use it when I cannot sleep
enough) thank you to the collagen your face will look fresh and plump
laneige_lip8 Laneige – Lip sleeping mask (Korea)
a generous layer should be applied to the lips before going to sleep. This one does its duty and has
plus a color and a texture that I love, but contains petroleum! I wanted to try it
because all the Korean beauty gurus recommend it … women advised ..
cicapair9 Dr.Jart – Cicapair Tigergrass (Korea)
a color concealer that has cosmetic and repairing properties and that moreover provides 30spf sun protection. It should be used under the foundation, but I use it by itself thanks
to its anti-redness properties. When applied it will tend to green-white color
and you will look Caspar but after a few moments the cream will become invisible and all the discolouring
will be neutralized. The only flaw is that in the hottest days this rich cream will be too heavy to be used under other products, if living in a wet place like the Po Valley.

So, let me know if you have tried oriental cosmetic products and what are your thoughts!

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