These days marks my fifth birthday on the internet and to celebrate I thought I’d share with you some consideration and advice on how to create a blog to tell the world something about yourself or to promote your business.

how to become a blogger
how to become a blogger

Different types of blogs
Your blog can be a personal journal where you can tell your own ideas and experiences, share passions or discoveries or it can be a blog dedicated, focused on your interests, useful to give and receive information on a specific topic. You can talk about cooking, beauty, comics, movies, books, restaurants, travel and you can also turn to even more specific audience and write a blog about vegan cooking, organic food…

Basically your blog is where you can talk about anything you want and you’re interested in attracting and comparing yourself with people who have the same interests and therefore they will not think you are weird if you are passionate about fishhook or if you want to show and describe in detail your collection of coasters. As long as you offer a quality product made with passion someone in the world will appreciate and that’s the great thing about blogging!

You can also choose to create a space in which you write each time about different topics, giving free space for what comes into your mind, what you are passionate about or what you need to recommend or share, like my blog is. Or you can create a blog to promote your business, describing for example, products made and sell, writing insights about the services you offer, etc.

Here are a couple of links to other blogs that I always read and that I really appreciate

Content quality
If you want to involve a good number of people creating a community around your blog, the content that you post in your blog should have a good quality level, should be written correctly with good quality photos, audio and video. This does not mean that you have to recreate a photo shoot in your dining room but you can spend a bit of your time to learn the basic concepts on how to snap a photo or edit a video.

You will also need to try to post on a frequent basis. The best would be twice a week but if you can not make it set a lower limit, the important thing is that you’re looking to keep the commitment not to disappoint your readers. It’s important to establish a relationship with readers answering comments, giving freedom of speech to everybody. The only banned ones are haters, trolls and those who exceed in spamming.

The choice of domain name
Once you understand what kind of blog you want to create you need to choose a name for your blog and therefore for your domain (matching blog and domain name is the best choice for me because it does not create confusion for users who want to reach you). In order to choose the best domain for your blog is useful to keep in mind a few points:

1 must be easy to write

2 should be easy to remember

3 better if short

4 should not contain numbers and symbols

5 must contain the keywords of your blog

Choose between .com .net .org
Another decision that you must take before you kick off your blog is the extension:

.com extension is the most popular and the one that people tend to type by default, so this could be the most suitable choice for you

.org is often associated with non-profit organizations

.net is often used to name a network but can also be used generically

These three are the most popolar but you can go deep with full extension explanation here

Choose a provider
When you have clarified these points you will be ready to buy your domain by choosing a website hosting provider from which you can also have hosting packages or other service such as domain transfer( if you already have one and you want to switch to a better service) with technical experts and most of all a good customer service .
Here you can find anything you need

Turn your passion into business
There is the chance that you will get so much passionate about blogging that you want to turn it into a business. In this case it will be worth investing in equipment and training (for example buying a good camera, learning some basic SEO, learning how to use photoshop, learning to promote your work through social marketing etc).  Economic revenue may come from affiliate programs, from Adsense or directly from the sale of products and services you promote through your blog.

In a future post I will good more deep with my experience with Webmaster Tools, WordPress, Google Analytics and Google Adwords so stay tuned.

Good luck ^^

how to become a blogger
how to become a blogger

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  1. Tiffany Spiller
    Sunday October 25th, 2015 at 07:29 PM (6 years ago)

    One of the hardest things that I ever did was try and write for a blog online. I could not keep up with it and even though I amassed a small following, things did not pan out well and I gave up on it. Good luck with yours!

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