As everybody knows, brows are the frame of your face so, if you are not one of those lucky person with naturally full, designed and perfect brows but you want to acheive a trim effect you need to take care of them.
Personally what I’m using right now is the brow shaping kit Brow Zings by Benefit. This kit is made up of a powder and a wax with different shades for every kind of hair and skin color.

brows with benefit
brows with benefit

Firstly I want to make clear one thing that I really hate about this product, which is that the wax contains mineral oil ( aka paraffinum liquidum)  a derivable from petroleum highly comedogenic to me that I usually try to avoid.

What makes me use this kit is the colour. The shade for blondes is indeed a kind of taupe colour that matches my skin and hair very well. In the past I had lots of troubles in finding the right shade cause pencils, powders or markers that I tryed were always too red, or at least on the reddish side of the rainbow.

For this reason I decided to buy Benefit Brow Zings, despite mineral oil, and I’ve been using  it for months with satisfaction.

Coming to the practical aspects with this kit you are supposed to apply the powder first, drawing your favourite brow shape, and then fix everithing with the wax, using an angle brush or even the little brushes that come with the box.
If you are lazy like me you will be happy to discover that you can easily skip any of this step, and the risult will be pretty good anyway.

p.s. Remaining on the brows theme I wanted to share with you the fact that I’m using on my brows the Goodskin Labs Eylipex-2 ( you can see my dedicated post here ) which is originally meant for eyelashes. I will keep you updated if it’s also working for re-growing brows as it would be really great.



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