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Red Passion

It all started with the purchase of a new nail polish for spring ( which I already feel in the air ) OPI Dutch Tulips Then I started to feel the need for a red pair of shoes, to give life to any outfit, especially the effortless ones, in full parisian style. So I found […] Read more…

leopard print ballerina

Spring shoes shopping

When I’m upset for ramdom reasons these three ‘S’ Spring Shoes Shopping always make me smile. Of course there are a lot of other less superficial things that make me smile, but these  are the more suitable for the purpose of this blog post. During the last few days I had the chance to come […] Read more…

pastel blue zara coat, pastel blue stradivarius sweater, blue zara necklace

Pastel Blue

Even though I used to hate pastel blue colour, at the moment I’m really loving it. Thanks God every brand seems to have designed a lot of different products with this shade, and it seems a real season trend. Maybe it’s beacause I’m going to London in a couple of weeks and I’m feeling already […] Read more…

pink bag

What’s in my bag ? tag

Today I want to do the old but always funny What’s in my bag ? tag. The bag that I’m currently using is this white and pink Céline-style handbag that I purchased a couple of weeks ago at a vintage-and strange things- market ( you can see the related post here) for the price of […] Read more…

vintage market-bags and clothes

Vintage sunday

This sunday I went to a local vintage market. Even tough I don’t usually like old stuff I find it quite fun to discover used and original objects. I appreciated especially odd shapes and bright colors which once where used for household products. This is one thing that I’m trying to keep in my house, […] Read more…

stradivarius necklace

Bijoux of the day

Today I decided to wear this couple of chain necklaces: the golden chain – which I made by myself last year – goes around the neck with just a little bit of length, while the pink chain is from Stradivarius and it’s a bit longer. I like to wear them together cause I find that the […] Read more…

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