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Nothing makes your house more festive than the smell of freshly baked biscuits. So don’t hesitate, grab cutters and rolling pin and let’s get started! Here’s the ingredients that you’re going to need 2 cups of flour ( I’ve used brown flour ) 1 cups of nuts ( I’ve used macadamia nuts ) 1 cup […] Read more…

tomato juice


In recent days I have been so lucky to receive some organic tomatoes grown by my father in his garden. Besides being delicious they are also a feast for the eyes because they are bright red, juicy and wonderfully imperfect. The first thing I wanted to do with these beauties was an extract (I go […] Read more…

your tea - tiny tea

teatox experience – your tea

I’m always very interested in trying anything that claims to detox, cleanse and drain especially during times when I tent to overeat (especially desserts). If you add the fact that I love drinking tea, the result could only be a teatox experience (detox while drinking tea) Lately I tested the Tiny Tea detox regime from […] Read more…

matcha tea latte recipe

homemade matcha tea latte

Today I want to share the recipe of my favorite beverage: matcha tea latte. Initially I didn’t want to dedicate a whole post to this topic because the recipe itself is the most simple and basic of this world, but then I thought I’d share a couple of tricks that make this drink my perfect start […] Read more…

raw vegan chocolate

diy raw vegan chocolate

One thing for which friends always make fun of me is my mania to make ‘light’ version of every recipe I cook. Famous is the cheese cake with cottage cheese lean, cookies without butter, and sugar-free muffins. But today I want to tell you about the raw vegan chocolates, one of my creations that meet […] Read more…

organic food exhibition sana2014

organic food

If you follow me for some time you will know how much I love organic ingredients within food, skin care products and, when possible, even make up. For this reason yesterday I went to Bologna to follow the Sana 2014, a professional exhibition open exclusively to certified organic and natural products. I found out three […] Read more…

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