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These are difficult months, we all know that. From the beginning of this pandemic, the Earth will have completed soon an orbit around the Sun, the trees will return to undress, the days to extend. But as the Universe and Nature continue their eternal and reassuring cycle, many of us find ourselves in a very different situation from last year, a situation that they surely would never have foreseen and imagined.

In this post I don’t want to talk about emotions, with anxiety and fear dominating our communications, or relationships, with loneliness and sadness triggered by constant restrictions, lack of close contacts, hugs and kisses.
I want to dwell here on the new ‘job uncertainty’ that many find themselves having to deal with.

Some structures have changed, many activities have been limited, many have been even suspended. Many people have adapted to move ‘office work’ to the living room, some businesses are taking the opportunity to modernize, finally implementing the web tools. Many have to reinvent a career from scratch.

Either way, it’s about adapting by developing new skills. Evolve to survive, to quote Darwin.

From March I have personally completed several online courses on the disciplines that interest me the most and on those that may be most useful for the future developments of my career, from Reiki to Web design through Coding.

One resource that I have found extremely useful is Skillshare, the most popular online learning community that offers thousands of courses to delve into the tools useful to your career, your passions and everything in between.

Skillshare Many GEOs
From how to take the best photos with your mobile to video editing, from how to make the most of social media for your business to creative writing. The best tips on how to create animations, how to master watercolor technique, how to grow your personal brand. But also explore the world of indoor gardening and the best tips for photographing your dog.
In short, everything you might want to learn more about, you can find it on Skillshare.

By clicking on this  link  you can have a 14 day FREE trial in the PREMIUM version, with the possibility of unsubscribing at any time. If you decide that you like the service – and most likely you will – the monthly cost is only 8 €

Have fun!


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