In addition to using organic shampoo and conditioner and avoiding silicon based produce, I’m giving lots of love to my hair using Rowenta Brush Active.

Thanks to this item I was able to leave plates and curling wands – and all that harmful stuff – taming my long thin hair which are naturally straight with occasional waves and frizz likely.

No need to say that it was love at first sight, not only for the final result but also for the sweetness with which this brush treats the hair.

I use it this way:

1) I wash my hair ( you can see here my haircare routine ) and I let them dry for 20 minutes

2) when they are semi-dry I blow dry my bangs

3) then I use Rowenta Brush Active to dry all my lengths, separating each strand and remaining on each individual strand for approximately 1 minute

The Rowenta Brush Active, turning on itself, styles the strands giving the desired shape, exactly as if you were blow drying with a round brush. The difference with this tool is that you can style without any effort even the back of your hair and especially the very difficult ‘crown’.

You can choose between two speeds of rotation of the brush, between two different directions of rotation (forward or backward) and between a jet of air more or less strong. But the best thing is that, in any case, the temperature of the air is never too hot so that my hair, even after months of usage, are developing very few split ends (great achievement for my thin hair ). And no more biceps pain after one hour of intense styling ^^

Top marks!

You can buy it here

1 Comment on Rowenta Brush Active – perfect hairdresser

  1. Tiffany Spiller
    Sunday October 25th, 2015 at 07:30 PM (6 years ago)

    Hmm, I have never thought about this before. My hair is so long and thick that it takes many hours to dry. Do you think this would work for me?

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