As hot weather is coming I’ve recently decided to change my morning routine for breakfast preparing myself a colorful spring-summer smoothie to kickstart my day.

While during winter I usually prefer to eat plenty of vitamin C ( useful for preventing cold and flu ) such as a lot of fresh orange juice, in spring and summer the must for me is energy! That’s why I create this smoothie with tasty yet energizing fruits and vegs.

If you want to try this you will need few and easily available ingredients:

2 big strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 ripe kiwi
1 cup full of lettuce of your choice (romaine, kale..every green leaves you have in the fridge)

spring-summer breakfast smoothie
spring-summer breakfast smoothie

I usually cut everything in small pieces, so that fruits and vegs are easily blendable  and no big chunk are going into your smoothie.


If you want you can add a hint of milk (cow, rice, almond, oats, mile…whatever) or coconut water. I personally blend everything just like this, cause I prefer thick texture.

IMG_1030 IMG_1031

Then, when everything is blended ( usually after 30 sec ) I add a full spoon of Spirulina powder, which turns the smoothie into a dark green colour and, most of all it’s a real energy booster.IMG_1033

Then I blend everything for 10 sec more and then I can pour my smoothie into a pretty glass and enjoy my breakfast.


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