Few days ago Seba and I went to a little town near where we live to visit a beautiful castle and its surroundings.



We had a walk in this town, which once was  a roman center, and we visited its typical medieval military castle.





The sun was shining so It was like spring had sprung and we had a really good time ( even though winter is still here in fact today is a miserable day ).


It’s incredible how many good things the sun can do to your mood. The best part was that, except for the camera, we left home all our technologies and this effected our state of mind in a really positive way.


I’m trying to do this thing lately, as frequently as I can: switch off all electronic devices and live for a couple of hours like I am one thing with nature or with the surroundings in general, staying connected with reality, open to what is hapenning around me and mindful.





If you’re feeling stressed or anxiuous I think you should give this a try. To me this is the best thing to restore and feel completely relaxed, without the need to check my email or my notifications every three minutes. And it’s easy! like pushing a button! Off


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  1. Tiffany Spiller
    Sunday October 25th, 2015 at 07:24 PM (6 years ago)

    Once in a while it is about getting out and seeing the sights that you walk/drive by every single day.

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