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Alverde – Gojibeere Augenserum

Goji berries are not only good for our body, thanks to their nutrient value and antioxidant content, but they are also very appropriate for the thin skin of the eye area, as Alverde claims. I’ve used this serum – Alverde Anti Aging Vitamin Augenserum Gojibeere – for 2 months, every morning, and the results are quite good. Moisture is all I need, cause […] Read more…

fitocose eye cream

Fitocose eye cream

My favourite organic eye cream ( actually I should say ‘my favourite eye cream’ ) is the Rose cream Fitocose. When I use it I wake up in the morning with the softest and the smoothest eye area. When I apply it in the morning, it keeps my eye area hydrated untill night (hydration is […] Read more…