The sun is out! We can now put away our sweaters, wear open shoes and start spending days in nature. This brief period before the heat will hit, is the ideal time to reorganize our beauty routine, adapting skin care and make-up products to climate change. Say no to heavy face creams and bring out the sunscreen.
1) The first item on my summer 2019 wishlist is the Noni oil for radiant eyes by Kora Organics (the skin care line of the former Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr – finally also available in Italy). Besides being composed of natural ingredients – so no sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial colors or fragrances – this oil comes in a roll-on bottle that makes the application fast and practical.
2) If you, like me, love crystals, you will love the idea of ​​having their brightness on your face. Kora Organics (yes, I’ve been waiting for it for some time and now I can’t get enough) has made an  highlighter balm with crystal powders and on my wishlist there is the amethyst one. Other than crystals, the balm contains noni – the fruit which is at the base of the entire Kora line – rosehip and coconut oil. All with organic certification.
3) One thing that clearly divides warm and cold season is perfume. To me summer means mint, citrus, green tea. This BVULGARI Eau de cologne refers to the freshness of Japanese green tea. Very light, as it is suited to hot days.
4) In the past I have written about how I like to use korean hyaluronic acid (you can read here) but the idea of ​​finding a more available and cheap alternative made me find this hyaluronic acid 2% by The Ordinary (a brand built around the concept of active ingredients, no frills as I like it). It contains hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights to provide hydration at multiple levels, with the addition of vitamin b5 for better surface hydration. Useful to prevent dehydration.

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