Hi everybody! Today I thought I would show you an example of what I eat in a day, as these kind of post are my favourite to watch and read!

As my diet is mostly plant based you will find here some inspiration if you are looking to starting a more sustainable way of eating.

One of my favourite breakfast is a ‘Mango & Sticky rice’ moke-up with chia seed pudding ( you can see full recipe here ) sliced fresh mango and almond chips or whole almonds on top.

what i eat in a day - vegan

When I’m in a hurry I like to cut some potatoes in half and put them in the hoven without bothering to add any condiment.

what i eat in a day - vegan

Then I turn them into a delicious lunch with some lettuce, some yogurt dressing and a couple of tortillas.

what i eat in a day - vegan

Later on in the afternoon I usually have a snack with some fruits, today yummy strawberries.

what i eat in a day - vegan

For dinner I was lucky enought to eat a delicious creation of my boyfriend: spaghetti with fresh artichokes, black pepper and olive oil, one of my favourite dishes of all time!

what i eat in a day - vegan

If you like these kind of post as much as I do, I will turn them into a weekly appointment so we can share new easy and tasty recipes and grow our community.

Have a nice day <3


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