Today I want to do the old but always funny What’s in my bag ? tag.

pink bag - what's in my bag tag
pink bag

The bag that I’m currently using is this white and pink Céline-style handbag that I purchased a couple of weeks ago at a vintage-and strange things- market ( you can see the related post here) for the price of about 40 euro. I cannot give you a link where you can buy such a bag, but If you like the style you will notice that a lot of brands are selling their own cheaper version of the wonderful – yet so expensive – Cèline bag.

And here’s what i have in it…

what's in my bag tag
what’s in my bag

Clockwise from the top

Ted Baker pink makeup bag
Tiger hand sanitizer
Ted Baker pink wallet
Christian Dior vintage face powder (it’s empty, I just use the mirror)
my phone with pink butterflies cover from Stradivarius
black Furla card holder
Sony ebook reader PRS-T1
random sore throat spray (you never know)
Lindt chocolate eggs – Easter leftover
Furla flat case with earphones and chargers
Sony portable charger
big, brown sunglasses from Stradivarius

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